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Good Fast Cheap, Choose Two (Transcript)

Alright, today’s lesson is on good, cheap, fast, choose two. What this is, this is a saying that we have in software, app, web development. They can also be applied to many, many, many other places like construction, engineering, any reasonable size job. For us, this is how it applies; if something is good and it’s cheap, it’s not going to be fast to build, it’s going to take forever. If something is fast and it’s good, it’s not going to be cheap. If it’s fast and it’s cheap, it’s not going to be good.

Good Cheap Fast

Pick the right workers, not the cheap ones

We also do say, fast, inexpensive, reliable. If it’s fast and it’s cheap, it’s not going to be reliable. How this applies to you is, if you have a … Let’s say you’re getting bids on a project, right? You have five different bids that come in, and one of them comes in a lot lower, a lot much lower price, or a much lower timeline … Well, if it’s fast and it’ cheap, it’s probably not going to be good. I see this a lot with people that want to get the best deal on things, and they go and they send things out to a company in a third world country that is not necessarily … It doesn’t matter.

Good Cheap Fast, Choose 2

You’re going to pay for it one way or the other

They send it out to somebody who’s cheap and fast, and it never ends up being good. They end up throwing away their money and either giving up on the project or having to start over. When you’re dealing with somebody, remember good, cheap, fast, choose two. It’s almost always going to apply. Thanks so much, that’s your lesson for today. My name is Jason Long, with BrainlLeaf and CodeWright. Have a great day, I’ll talk to you next time.

Jason Long
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