When do sales close? It’s all about the follow-up!!!

So often, when people are doing sales, they’ll send off a proposal then just wait for the lead to get back to them. That doesn’t work.

The Simplest Selling Strategy

Here’s the trick to closing: Follow up, follow up, follow up, follow up. Keep following up until that person tells you no. That’s how you get those sales.

Don’t Stop Believing!

A lot of times, new salespeople ask “Well, isn’t that annoying? To keep calling and sending emails over and over”

My answer is if they wanted you to stop, they would tell you to stop.

Your Customers Are Busy People, You Are Helping Them.

What it comes down to is that your customers are busy people. They have a lot going on in their lives. I’m not suggesting that you need to call them every minute or every hour. But if you call them on day one, day two, day four, day six, and day eight, that is fine. Having anywhere between three and seven touch points per week is enough to ensure that someone who is interested is going to get back to you. If you’re persistent, when your lead finally has that extra minute, they’re gonna get back to you.

Or if they just tell you, “Thanks so much, but I’m not interested right now” what I usually ask is, “Can I follow up within a month? Or two months? Or six months? Or a year?” Sometimes they say no, but most of the time they are interested in talking, but can’t do it right now.

Some of the largest sales I’ve ever closed are due to following up over the course of years.

When Did You Agree To A Deal?

At the end of the day, one of the things that makes a good salesperson is the follow-up. You have keep on top of your leads. Think about how many times you’ve been called once or twice by a salesperson, then they let it drop. How many of those sales closed? But the people that call you back over and over, you eventually either told them no or did the deal, right? The same thing applies to you selling as well.

So keep following up until you close those deals!!!