That's right, 12 years!

After twelve years of building a web design and development shop, growing a company, working with tons of clients from all over the world, and streamlining processes, we decided to automate our in-house processes for web designers, web developers, app developers, and other IT development professionals. So often, when I meet people new to the industry, they ask three main questions.

  1. How do I scope a project?
  2. How do I price a project?
  3. How do I sell a project?

The BrainLeaf system will eventually automate these three items. Right now, we’re starting off by building a robust scoping and pricing system. When that is tested and in use, we’re planning on building a system that uses the scope and a quick questionnaire to build out your contract. Finally we’ll have a management system that keeps you and your clients accountable to changes to the system.

It’s pretty exciting to think about all the people we can help here. All the developers who have lost money and shed blood and tears because their projects weren’t managed. So often we have people coming to us to ask how we manage everything, and this should answer those questions.

If you want to stay informed, be in the beta launch, or help out, just follow our blog!