New Print Views - PDF

After many months of pushbacks on this issue, we have finally fixed and upgraded the printing systems for PDF. Next up this week will be printing to Word.


Print View Before


Print View After

So what did we fix?

You know, sometimes it’s surprising how long it takes just to make simple things look nice. We ended up scrapping our PDF export library and implementing a new one. Then we had to extend that library as well. Here is a list of basic fixes:

  • Spacing and padding looks a lot better
  • Rounded boxes for the section titles
  • If there are no notes, the description fills the entire area.
  • If no description or notes, the headers for those areas do not show.
  • Flat fee pricing now prints as flat fee on all pages.
  • Dotted lines are much thinner and look a lit better.
  • Text for sections are indented within the sections.
  • Each subsection is indented.
  • Scope main page icons are showing up
  • Scope main page spacing, lines, etc. are all looking good now.
  • Image printing has been removed from this area and will be added into the files area as a separate feature.
  • Scope printing options have been modified.
  • There are more, but the ones above are the big ones.

If you want to see what the new prints look like, take a look at the Brainleaf Example Print. We have a couple more issues to address, but overall, it is looking great!