Guest blogger Emma Lewis gives tangible advice about boosting your work productivity.

The productivity of staff leads to a successful business. You want to increase the productivity of your team in any way possible. The right office space can boost morale and overall attitude of your staff. Here’s how your office can increase the productivity of your team.

Invest in Your Space

Spending money now will save you money later. The space people work in does affect focus and the manner in which we get things done. Invest time and thought into how your workspace is arranged, how it looks and how it feels.

You will choose an office depending on your budget. If you can stretch your budget to attain a space that will boost productivity, go for it. This space may have more natural light, be in a better building or have modern finishes. If a team loves where they work, they will be more productive.


Are the desks and chairs good quality? You want employees to be comfortable. The desk we work on each day plays a huge role regarding focus and productivity. A desk that requires staff to hunch over and have bad posture will lower productivity. You want a computer monitor that is at eye level and not creating neck strain.

Give employees more options. Do they want to sit or stand? Offer a lounge area as well as their desk. Choice provokes happiness in the workplace.


Not all office spaces have the luxury of natural light. Don’t skimp on lighting; provide other sources of illumination. Lamps can be both functional and fun. Change the atmosphere of certain areas in the office with a lamp or updated lighting layout. You can experiment with non-permanent lighting. Get inspiration from residential lighting. Use lighting to highlight areas of the office or schedule them to change colour at certain times of the day.


Clean spaces improve productivity. Cluttered work areas cause stress among employees. Productivity derives from happy staff members working in organized spaces. Spending too much time looking for something? Mixing up documents or files? Organization and decreased clutter will minimize this problem, increasing productivity.

Is there old furniture, equipment or appliances around the office? You want to rid the office of unwanted items. Creating more space, or using space more efficiently, increases the overall productivity of the office. If you want to keep the idle equipment or furniture, consider using self-storage options like Spacer. Self-storage is a low-cost way to keep furniture or equipment you may need in the future.

Colour scheme

Straightforward color schemes are the best option. This doesn’t mean four white walls stimulate employees. Opt for natural colors that boost morale without being pushy. Subtle, warmer shades of gray and blue can have a soothing effect. Intrusive colors like red can overstimulate workers or increase levels of anxiety.

Plants in the office

Plants add plenty of benefits to any office. An office environment will seem calmer when plants are present. They add color in a relaxed manner. Plants provide both psychological and physiological benefits. They help us perceive our surroundings better and can even lower blood pressure, in turn, reducing stress.

It’s believed productivity levels are higher in the presence of plants. Concentration and focus are improved, therefore improving productivity in a team. Increased concentration levels are attributed to plants reducing carbon dioxide in the air.


Sound and music play a role in productivity. What level of noise works for your business? Typically, this will be decided by the culture of your workplace. A more formal culture may lead to a quiet office. A younger, more relaxed culture will see more noise in the office.

If you have a large team all working together to achieve a goal, background music can be a good idea. Music won’t be needed for employees who work individually wearing headphones. If you have a mix, find a medium that improves productivity without distracting. If you want a quiet workspace, supply headphones for the team; people tend to be quiet while they use headphones.


Phones, tablets, and access to the internet create enough distraction. Having these devices by our side can lower productivity or even restrain creativity. You don’t want the office adding to these distractions. Don’t go overboard with art, televisions or other entertainment. Finding a balance between bland and over-the-top is important. Often, a beautiful view and a simple color scheme can suffice.

Emma Lewis is a loving mother, a devoted wife and a part of the team supporting Spacera company helping you find storage space whenever you need it. Emma is also a  a staunch supporter of the sharing economy and often mentions its benefits.