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Clean Up Your Message

a guest post by Siovonne Smith, TitleWordSmith

As a multipreneur with an international background, I’ve worked in various fields including advertising, marketing, PR, publishing, and entertainment. I also create titles, slogans, and headlines.
One area where many businesses can improve upon is cleaning up their message. Whether it is a product name, business description or an ad campaign, the best rule is to keep it simple and make an impact.

Pose some questions.

What is the purpose of your product or business?

Is there a simple and intriguing way to describe it in a memorable and evocative way?

How will your product and business be remembered with your message?

Does this translate to high visibility and easy marketability to your core group of customers?

With a worldwide market and international Twittersphere, there is a huge amount of information out there.

People want clarity.
People want memorable.

Don’t let your product or message get lost in the fog. Your customers should not have to decipher your message or business model.

Brief is Better.
Succinct is Super.
Evocative is Excellent.

If you can’t describe your own product, message, or business easily, neither can anyone else.
Clean up your message. Be straightforward, simple, and give others a reason to remember you.
What challenges are you facing in creating your message for your audience? Do you have tips and strategies for creating simple yet impactful messages?
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Author Bio:

Siovonne began working at a young age and caught the entrepreneurial “bug”. Her fascination for foreign cultures and interest in politics led to a degree in International Relations. Besides California, she has also called Paris and the South of France her home. In addition to her creative endeavors, Siovonne loves to travel, explore and discover the great outdoors.

TitleWordSmith is based in California. To contact, please email or follow on Twitter @TitleWordSmith.