Rachel Jackson guest writes about powerful smart phone apps that can streamline running your small business.

Running a small business is
never a stress-free job.

Finding the right small business apps shouldn’t be the hardest part.

Most of the times starting as a one-man show, small businesses can be as satisfying as they are time-consuming and nerve wrecking. To come to the help of small business owners, we’ve created a list of 7 best iPhone apps to help you run your small business!

These will help you with accounting, time management, organization and much more.


Keeping an eye on the financial health of your company should be one of your top priorities. QuickBooks makes the job ten times easier for you by keeping you up to speed on sales and expenses, profit & loss reports, financial statements, and invoices to be paid, just to mention a few. User-friendly and super sharp, QuickBooks can be used with a slew of accounts and can be accessed in a breeze from your iPhone or iPad.


Break all geographic barriers standing between you and your team or clients by using the Skype iOS off. Its reputation precedes it, and with more than 70 million users worldwide, they deliver great text messaging and video calls services. Call groups can hold up to 25 Skype members and include features like photo and file transferring. Skype also allows calling international phone numbers, which comes in handy when you have a locked iPhone and are tethered to one carrier. For more flexibility, find out how you can easily unlock your iPhone on your own.


If time management is not your strongest feature, you will love TripIt. This iPhone app enables you to create itineraries that can be accessed on any device by simply emailing your travel info to the app. TripIt makes sure you’re up to speed on delays or departure times and offers instructions on how to reach the airports as well as updated weather reports.


Always keeping track of your business expenses is never fun and can even distract you from more important and urgent tasks. Expensify will take care to create expense reports based on pictures of your receipts. It will feel like you have your own personal assistant traveling with you when in fact, you’re saving money by using an affordable app. Here are ten more cost saving ideas to help small business owners.

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If you’re not using it already, you should download it right away. PayPal makes paying others and getting paid easy and secure. The nifty iPhone app is super convenient, especially for small business owners who are often on the go and don’t find the time to sit down and make transactions on their laptop. A PayPal account allows users to link their debit or credit accounts to facilitate payments worldwide.


Organizing your hiring process and sorting through applications has never been easier before. Proven is used successfully by more than a thousand small business owners world-wide. The app works flawlessly on your smartphone and is packed with features like posting multiple job listing, categorizing approved applications and notes. Coming to the aid of small businesses that need to hire on a constant basis, Proven is perfect for saving time juggling with a myriad of tasks at the same time.

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Another small business essential app, Dropbox is a secure and fast app that has revolutionized cloud file sharing. Reliable and safe, Dropbox is a great tool not only for small businesses but also for medium or larger firms. Excellent for small business owners who need to share files with customers or team members, the iPhone app guarantees flexibility on the go without sacrificing security or confidentiality.

Rachel is a mother of 2 beautiful boys. She loves to hike and write about travelling, education and small business. She is a Senior Content Manager at NYBizDb – an online resource of relevant business information.