Hiking in Banff

Are you someone who works to live or lives to work?

I used to be someone who lived to work, but I would prefer to be someone who works to live. So many times I’ve been called a workaholic, but the truth is, unless you can keep your priorities straight and your business under control, it will control you. It certainly did control me. And when it does, it can run you into the ground.

Having business is a lot like having a relationship, you have to have good boundaries. You don’t do everything your spouse or significant other wants to do all the time. If you did, it would be all give and eventually you would run dry. Relationships are give and take, and you have to know when to give and when to take. The same is true when you own your own business. So that takes me to this weeks random thing…

This week’s random thing is actually last week’s random thing as we didn’t post one then. We did a little taking and went hiking! Getting outside is good for you, and it’s important to keep your mind sharp to make sure you’ve got good ideas new ideas while you are at work. Besides, the great outdoors can give you great inspiration! Also if we didn’t get out sometimes, I think I would go crazy!

Now that our outside fun is over, it’s time to give a little extra love to the company, so this week its all work. Like I said, give and take. If you’ve got the right balance, you can do what you love and be happy. At least most of the time.