Stop Killing Yourself

As an owner or as a freelancer, which is kind of the same, thing, it’s so, so, so easy to just work all of the time. You can really, so easily just kill yourself working. Figuratively, but also literally.

So this is something that is really important to know as a freelancer or as an agency owner, that you have to set boundaries. You have to say, “I’m going to start at this time, I’m going to finish at this time.”

Create Boundaries

Something I do is I try to start at 9 AM when most of my meetings get started, so I’m usually in lie 8:30ish, sometimes 8:45, and then my meetings start at 9 AM, and then what I do is I work until 6 PM or 7 PM, depending upon the day when I have a workout that starts, and I have a group that meets up, so I know I have to be there and I have other people that hold me accountable to that. This way I have a set work time.

It doesn’t always work, and that’s fine.

Now, I’ll be honest, sometimes even after my workout I’ll come home, I’ll have dinner, and then I’ll work late … sometimes. But I try not to, because the reason we’re doing all of this, the reason we’re working so hard is so that we can have that time with our friends and our family, and we can have those special times with the people we care about.

Take care of yourself.

So, don’t kill yourself working. Don’t get sick like I’ve been recently, and take good care of yourselves.

Thank you so much. I hope this is helpful, and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.