Pick up the phone, make it happen now!!!

When you started, did you create a list of people or companies that you would LOVE to work for?

Have you been working as a freelancer for several years and you still haven’t worked for that ideal client you dreamed of having when you started?

Are you just starting out and thinking, I would love to write code for SpaceX, but I know that’ll never happen?

Stop right there. Pick up the damn phone. Call them. Do it right now. I mean it, right now.

There are a thousand little things that can throw me in a testy mood, but nothing so much as when I hear a developer complaining that they never got to work with “one of the Big Guys.”

I have an easy solution for that person.

  1. Make list of the top 10 companies you want to work for.
  2. Get off your ass and call them.

That is all.