If you’re in SEO, then you already know exactly what I’m talking about. But there’s a lot of people out there who are managing marketing companies, or developers, or freelancers, or whatever, that don’t know what the Google Sandbox is, so I’m going to show you in 30 seconds.

Below is a Transcript!

I added the Transcript here for anyone that wants to read it, but it’s only going to make sense if you’re watching the video for this bit!

The Transcript:

Okay. Right here, we’re looking at MedRev, which is a JH Media Group company, and we’re looking in Ahrefs.com, which is an SEO tool. Let’s take a look at this Organic Traffic first, right here. We started off … We launched this site somewhere like here … no, actually somewhere like here. It’s May, April, something.

A WordPress Website

It’s a WordPress site. It’s a nicely done site. It’s got, at this point, a fair amount of content. Not a lot, but enough for the amount of time it’s been live. But take a look. Take a look at this little graph right here.

Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, and oh! Hey, we’ve got a little bit here in November. And then, this day right here, we go from 0.9 to an 8.4. And then we’re starting to maintain a little bit better right there, and started to grow a little bit.

You can see down here, we’ve got nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, and then boom! And then here, we start ranking for some eleven through 100 key words, and then we start ranking position key words, then some four through ten, and then boom, now we’re ranking for some first place key words.

Which, by the way, not great key words, just the name of the company. But we’re gonna start ranking for some other key words soon.

The Sandbox

This bit here, this is the Google Sandbox. What this means is that Google does not trust you yet. It means that you’re working on this … you posted this thing, and Google’s like, “Yeah, are you spam? Are you just trying to screw around with people? I don’t know who you are. I don’t really trust you yet, and so, I’m not gonna start sending you a whole lot of traffic just yet.” There are some ways to get around that, but that’ll be another video.

For right now, though, you can see, here’s this flat Google Sandbox right there that you’re waiting for while Google builds trust in you. That’s it! That’s today’s lesson. If you’ve launched a website and you don’t know why the hell it’s not ranking, you’re probably in the Google Sandbox. Takes some time to get out of it. There’s a lot more you can find about this online, but this is a real quick, good explanation of what’s going on there.

Hope this is helpful. Thanks so much, and I’ll talk to you soon! Bye.

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