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Wordpress business website template architecture screenshot

Every successful project needs a scope of work and every construction project needs a set of blueprints. This is a template Information Architecture (IA) document for a standard WordPress Business Website. This document gives helps you understand what is being built, what needs to be done, and how it needs to be done in order to launch a small business WordPress Website.

This IA has the following areas:

Project Setup:

The project setup area goes through all the standard operating procedures you would need on a project like this. This area helps you understand all the items you should do to prepare to get started on the actual development as well as pre-launch procedures and processes.

Wordpress business website template minimized architecture
  • Client communications tools setup
  • Project Planning
  • Serving and repo setup
  • CMS and plugins setup
  • Concept design
  • Project Management
  • SEO
  • Content creation
  • Pre-launch checklists
  • Project launch
  • Mobile responsive changes


This is the section that covers each of the items below, and breaks them down further into sections, sub-sections, features, and even the elements on the page.

Wordpress business website template minimized architecture of pages
  • Header & Footer
  • Home
  • Services
  • Our Work
  • Company
  • Contact

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Why write an architecture for a simple project?

An architecture document is for you and for your client. It helps you understand what you’re responsible for building, what goes into it, what constitutes completion of the project, and how much time it will take each of your team members to complete. On the flip side, the architecture document helps you client understand what they are getting and questionably more important, what they are NOT getting.

Since you do this for a living, it is often easy for you to understand what goes into a system and what you or a development team think of as common sense, may totally escape your client. This makes the architecture a critical document whether you’re building a small website or a large SaaS platform.

We have another article which goes into more detail about how writing an informational architecture can save your company a lot of work and money over time.