business resolutions

Guest post by Bill Brown

They say New Year, new opportunities. You have 365 chances to make it work or stick to the old ways – and not make it big. When it comes to businesses, these 365 chances can also be applied. The question is how.

Here are five business resolutions you should keep in 2017:

Get the Right Technology Partner to Build a Relationship

Today, technology plays a crucial role in the success of your business. Otherwise, you might be left behind – and you surely don’t want that to happen.

Take advantage of it by finding the right partner to improve your business. Check out IT service and solutions companies to help you manage all the technology you need to make running the business more efficient for you. Ask recommendations from friends and clients and make sure you get a provider that offers end-to-end solutions instead of the one-off products.

Who knows, they could help you again in your business.

Develop and Review Your Business Performance Plan

A performance plan enumerates and helps you communicate your company’s goals with your employees, tracks achievement, and makes it easier for you to see and reward top performers.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Identify the employee’s areas of improvement.
  • Establish an action plan for improvement. Make this as collaborative as possible with the employee concerned.
  • Review the performance plan.
  • Meet and discuss with the employee.
  • Do regular follow-ups with the employee to make sure the objectives are met.

As a business owner, it is important to evaluate your employees’ performances at least once a year to make sure your company’s goals and objectives are met. This is important since the success of your business also depends on how efficient your workers are.

Establish a Website that is Mobile-Friendly

Websites are a must these days, which is why you need to have one. It makes it easier for people to see and reach out to you, and find out what you can offer, which could make them potential clients.

Here’s a tip: make sure to incorporate responsive design techniques into your website. This means your website should also be accessible in mobile phones and still look the same when accessed in laptop.

Keep in mind that 64 percent of Americans own a smartphone, with seven percent of the American population relying heavily on their phones for online access. Take advantage of these numbers by using a responsive and mobile-friendly design for your website because who knows, one of them could be your customers in the future.

Expand Your Skills by Learning Something New

They say learning never stops in school. That’s true. If you are a business owner, you should not limit yourself with what you learned from school and the teachings passed on by your parents.

If you want to be competitive, you have to constantly expand your knowledge and set of skills to keep you on top of the game. Learn about the new trends, techniques, and technologies and apply them in your business. It may take time and a lot of effort, but this will surely help you succeed and get past your competitors.

Reach the Top of Your Financial Situation and Stay There

Every department in your business is crucial and equally important. If you want to make it work and ensure that your business is in tip-top shape, you need to pay attention to your business’ finances.

Look into your company’s finances and see if there are costs you can get away with to increase not just profit margins but also your business’ efficiency. Every month, focus on one financial area like tracking invoices, utilities, or payroll and see what you can do to improve them. You might be surprised with how much you can save if you pay attention to the smallest details.

Are you ready to apply these business resolutions this year? Surely, you can do it.

Bill Brown is a writer who loves reading and writing different blogs. He writes about business, finance, insurance and many more. He is currently working with Cheap Auto Insurance which can give you information about many things like how to save money on insurance and how much do you pay for car insurance.