first client

Guest post by Cindy Parker

In the competitive world of business, starting out as an entrepreneur can be tough. You have a lot of competition to contend with, and you need to start from scratch. When you are ready to find your first client, follow these 7 tips to do it as fast as possible.

1. Optimize your website.

It goes without saying that you should have a website set up, but it also needs to be optimized so that potential clients can find you through organic searches. This means making sure that you register for the right keywords, and that your site loads as quickly as possible. You should also make sure that you are set up for mobile so that those searching on the go can still see everything clearly.

2. Start a blog.

The more you post on your site, the better search engines will be able to understand it – and they will also pick up your site more if it is updated regularly. A blog is great from this angle, but also helps your clients too. They can see that you are currently active, that you know what you are talking about, and they can even get to know you a little.

3. Do PR.

Journalists are definitely your friends when you are first starting out. You can contact them directly with information that they might like to feature in their publication. You can also answer calls for sources, where a journalist is looking to write an article and needs quotes from professionals. This will help to get the word out about your business.

4. Get social.

Never underestimate the power of social media. Even if you start out with just one network, it will hugely help to bring in more views to your website from potential clients. Try to post regularly and with meaningful or interesting content. See what type of post gets you the most interaction and focus on this.

5. Use your contacts.

If you already have contacts in business, make sure to use them. These could be friends, family members, or previous co-workers. Make sure that they know about your current enterprise and how it could help them, or people they know. You can certainly find early business by leveraging these contacts.

6. Go networking.

Make sure to attend networking events in your local area. Meeting people in person may seem old-fashioned these days, but it can have a huge impact. Being in front of a person gives you the chance to pitch your business properly, which helps them to make a choice. It also means that you will be top of mind next time that they need the service or product that you provide.

7. Cold call.

These days, cold emailing has lost its value. Too many people send spam emails in the guise of business contacts, and this means that people tend to ignore the real messages too. If you want to make an impact when contacting someone for the first time, give them a call on the phone. Keep your pitch short and sweet and suggest a face to face meeting if possible. This will be more powerful and will give them reason to remember you.

The journey to getting that first client can be a long one, so prepare to dig in – and remember to allow for this when you set up your initial budget. But once you start to get there, you should be able to use your existing clients for referrals and grow your network more quickly, so long as you are doing your job well.

Cindy Parker is the professional writer and Content Specialist. She loves to write about small businesses, education and languages. Currently, she works for Learn to Trade – a currency trading education company based in Australia.